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There you sat, idly scratching at the bench outside the dressing room in one of Konoha’s premier athletic stores that had opened up only months ago. It was there you sat, waiting for Naruto to emerge from the dressing room, sure to be clad in a skin-tight speedo that left little to nothing to your imagination.
Not that you exactly wanted anything left to the imagination. Every time you saw him naked, it gave you such a raw thrill, one that left goosebumps riding up your forearms and every hair on your body standing on end. You thought that as his manager that you’d grow used to it. That every time you saw his herculean, sculpted muscles bulging out from every angle of his physique that you could control yourself, but even after the fifth, tenth, twentieth time it still brought immense pleasure just to gaze at this young man that was like the statue of a Greek god come to life.
It was then that you could hear him call your name. “Hey! You out there? I’m ready!
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United States
I really wanted to make an update the past few months but I kept forgetting. I never even realized until it was halfway through the month and I was like "well shit" and just kind of gave up.


I've been uploading a few things here and there. I haven't really been drawing on the daily since I just started getting addicted to video games again but the ideas are there. Expect more sketchy and flat color stuff to come.

I'm learning a bunch of tutorials and stuff from Tumblr but I have a hard time remembering them a lot of the time.


So because I'm absolute fucking trash, I've started reading the Seventh Hokage Gaiden. Really it just has me rolling my eyes the entire time at how fucking cliche it all it. It's like Kishimoto is trying to dig himself out of a hole by digging it deeper. Really I just like being able to see grown up Naruto being a badass  :D

I've started a bunch of new anime for the spring/summer season. The three that have my attention the most right now is Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, Ore Monogatari!, and Shokugeki no Soma. CSM is a short series that delves into the adventures of learning all about mental disorders (from anxiety to sleep apnea to voyeurism) with a cast of characters that just don't really see to get it. If you have the time, you might like this series, it blends well with everything I have. I currently use it as a warm up or as a breather between series.

Ore Monogatari is the story all about Takeo Gouda and his quest to find love. (Localized, they call it "My LOVE Story!" when literally translated it's just "My Story"). He's big and not considered attractive to many, and to top it all off every girl he falls in love with falls for his best friend Sunakawa instead (who turns each of them down!) It's not until he saves a girl from a groper on a train that the ball really gets rolling. It's a very cute series and it seems to know just how to inject the right kind and right amount of drama to keep you invested and wanting to see what's going to happen next.

I made the mistake of watching the entire series of Donyatsu. Don't watch it. In my opinion, it tries too hard to be cute. Even as a short series (every episode is 8-13 minutes long) it was really a waste of my time and I regret even having it on as background noise after I had tunes out after the first 6 or 7 episodes.

Finally, Shokugeki no Souma is another one that I only started watching because they main character is cute.

art by user :iconfu-dian-shi: , will take down upon request

It's an anime all about food, so make sure you're eating while you're watching it or you're sure to have cravings later on. It brings the word "food porn" to life because every girl who eats his food literally has orgasms over how delicious it is. (Thankfully around episode 5 or so we start getting some male fanservice and the female moaning starts to die off). Soma is the new student at Toutsugeki High, the most prestedgious food academy in the world, where the graduation rate is .01% (don't quote me on that). Even though Soma easily handles any conflicts that come his way, it's interesting to see how he's going to handle all these people that are apparently far better than he is. I'm curious to know more, and I just love food and learning recipes too much to care. But alternatively at least it's showing WHY he's so good and how his victories aren't just achieved without some training and effort. It's a fun little series and it's keeping me held over until summer.

I'm also watching Tonari no Kaibutsu. It's... Interesting. I can see why the friend who recommended it did so. It's very... His tastes and style. But if anything it's got me curious about the characters. It kind of reminds me of Fruits Basket.

I also intend to pick up "Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon" at some point. As well as get through the rest of my list.

I'm also falling behind in Magi and SnB. I'm also slowly becoming less interested in Tokyo Ghoul.


I've been making it through my backlog and at least started having fun again! I went back to Animal Crossing and I'm now back on Hiatus from it. I've been playing a TON of Hyrule Warriors lately, and I plan to revisit and finish a lot of games.

... Still gotta make it through Pokemon Alpha Sapphire though...

Also I'm getting Splatoon tomorrow! So if you wanna be Wii U friends, I'm always up for it!


I'm out of work for the season! And what's more I've been told I'm more than welcome to come back next year. This is really good because I heard they were making cuts. Glad I wasn't one of them!

I've been getting more sleep lately, although I've been sleeping in later now that I'm on break. Still debating on going to college any time soon though.

I tried doing exercises but they were too extreme for me. I didn't realize this and ended up getting very sick after the first few days of doing them. I need to start lighter... ^^;


And that's my life so far! I might not make another update until August or so, I might move my updates to how frequently I do them so I have more to talk about.
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  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors
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